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Dropfleet Scourge Heavy Cruisers and Battlecruiser WIP

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Dropfleet Scourge Heavy Cruisers and Battlecruiser WIP

PostMon Sep 18, 2017 9:12 pm

Hello everyone, but particularly fellow Jellyheads!

*waves tentacles silently*

I've been working on my Dropfleet Scourge, which I love the aesthetics for overall. But one thing which bugged me was the "crests" on the Heavy Cruisers and the Kickstarter Battlecruisers (the new Battlecruisers are a thing of beauty and by far my favorite Dropfleet ship of any faction).

So I decided that I'd try pushing the crest back, from the prow to the rear section of the hull (with the front tip resting on the join in the hull). I'd also experimented with reversing the "fin/wings/tentacles" on the rear of my combat ships. I thought it had worked out well so I wanted to share the results!



These are the ships with their Ultramarines Blue spray undercoat and a Drakenhof Nightshade wash on all of the upper-outer surfaces.

Doing the same modification for the Battlecruiser was a bit tougher, as I had to whittle off the bottom and some of the lower rear of the resin Kickstarter prow, and carve into the hull rear and rear fin of the Cruiser body to fit them together. But, once again, I thought it had come out ok!



Here I've added Alien Purple into the hull side recesses and onto the prow weapon mount "fins" as well as yellow-red-red wish for the Oculus arrays. The plan from here is to put Druchii Violet onto the lower-inside (so the underside of the ship is shaded purple), put a metal colour and wash onto the drives and front of the guns on the Raiju and finally put a drybrush of a lighter blue onto the leading edges of the "wings" and onto the "spine" for a finish similar to these Frigates.


So, what do you think?
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