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Shaltari vs PHR (starter box match)

Tell the world how you trashed your enemies on the battlefield, or how you tactically withdrew to fight another day!
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Shaltari vs PHR (starter box match)

PostWed Mar 01, 2017 8:15 pm

So I played my second game of Dropfleet Commander recently, and here is how it went.

Shaltari vs PHR

Battlegroup 1:
- Obsidian Heavy Cruiser
- 2x Jade Frigate

Battlegroup 2:
- Amber Cruiser
- 2x Topaz Frigate

Battlegroup 3:
- Emerald Mothership
- 3x Voidgate

Battlegroup 1:
- Theseus Light Cruiser

Battlegroup 2:
- Ikarus Vanguard Carrier
- 2x Medea Strike Carrier

Battlegroup 3:
- I don't remember exactly. It was either the ̶A̶j̶a̶x̶Francis or the Hector. I'm going to say it was the Hector heavy cruiser.
- 2x Europa Frigate


Standard introductory scenario. There are three clusters in the middle of the board. Two at the east and west sides are medium clusters. One in the middle is a large cluster. Deployment is whichever one it is that lets you fly on from off the board all on turn one.

---THE GAME---

Game begins and Shaltari is forced to go first, and sulks. But then he goes first. Shaltari is cautious. Shaltari player Shaltari Battlegroup 2 (SB2) on at half thrust using Silent Running. PHR player moves PHR Battlegroup 1 (PB1) straight up the middle using Max Thrust. SB1 -- the particle weapon group -- then moves onto the board and positions itself to be screened from incoming attacks not coming from the light cruiser by a debris field, raises shields, weapons free, opens fire on the light cruiser that consists of PB1. We get off to a good start with the frigates, which both hit, causing two damage to the PHR light cruiser. Then the Shaltari heavy cruiser opens fire... and the Shaltari player rolls three ones.

The turn continues as the PHR player activates PB3 and max thrusts them onto the board, going slightly to the east of straight up the middle. Shaltari player activates SB3 and moves cautiously up the west side of the board, intending to start deploying troops on turn 2. PHR player then finishes the turn with PB2, again max thrusting. This group moves up the east flank of the board, and the light carrier launches two bombers which promptly launch against one of the Shaltari Jades. The Jade is at 2x their thrust, so the attack will take place next turn.

I don't remember the exact order of events for this turn, but I remember the events. PHR player and Shaltari player choose a card with the same value and the Shaltari player wins the dice off. Unfortunately, the debris cloud means that he can't easily target anything but the light cruiser that he's already lined up to target. So he does weapons free again and opens fire. The light cruiser is crippled but not killed. The bombers deployed against one of the Jades last turn immediately inflict two damage; the Jade is then destroyed by the subsequent crippling damage roll.

Other significant events this turn: both the Shaltari and PHR players begin dropping troops at the west and east medium clusters, respectively. The PHR light cruiser takes damage. PHR player continues to move aggressively forward (though no longer at max thrust).

Again, I don't recall the exact order of events. I do recall that the Shaltari player went first, and that their first action was to have the Amber cruiser and its escorts open fire on the PHR heavy cruiser. Between the Shaltari heavy cruiser and the Amber cruiser and its escorts, the PHR heavy cruiser is crippled; it's brought down to 2 HP remaining and its weapons are knocked offline. PHR player employs broadsides to fire in both directions with ships that aren't his heavy cruiser. He wipes out both Topaz frigates that are escorting the Amber and blows up the remaining Jade before it can activate. The Obsidian takes damage.

PHR player activates his heavy cruiser, shrugs, and says, "Ramming speed!"
His ram is successful, and it cripples the Amber cruiser.

Shaltari player moves a voidgate to be able to drop troops at the middle cluster next turn and drops two more tokens on the western cluster; PHR player continues to drop tokens at the eastern cluster with one ship as the second strike carrier zips over to contest the middle cluster next turn.

Things get a little screwy. There's a big pileup of ships roughly in the middle of the board because the PHR player is determined to deliver broadsides. The Amber cruiser is killed by broadsides and turns into a flaming wreck, giving everyone within 6" a minor spike. Then the Shaltari player kills the PHR light cruiser. The light cruiser explodes violently with a radius of 4 inches. The explosion cripples one of the PHR frigates (one of which had taken minor damage to close assault weaponry) and damages the Obsidian. The PHR frigate that had previously taken damage suffers a radiation burst with a radius of 3 inches. This radiation burst cripples both the Shaltari Obsidian heavy cruiser and the PHR Ikarus Vanguard Carrier. Both become subject to orbital decay. The explosion also cripples the second PHR frigate, which catches on fire.

PHR and Shaltari both deploy troops to the central cluster. Shaltari teleports a bunch of troops from the western cluster to the central cluster. Victory points are scored, and the game is currently tied; each holds one medium cluster and contests one large cluster. The PHR frigate puts out its fire; both the Obsidian and the Ikarus recover from Orbital Decay.

Both players are in dire straits. The Ikarus then blows the Obsidian straight to hell; the guns do nothing, but it manages two crits with its bombers, and the Obsidian fails its shield saves. PHR bombards the central cluster to try to clear out The PHR player manages to kill one of the Shaltari voidgates; Shaltari returns the favor by blowing a Medea Strike Carrier out of the sky. Shaltari player painstakingly maneuvers the Emerald Mothership and is just a tiny bit off from being able to open fire with its main weapon. Ground combat goes to the Shaltari player's advantage, but he is not able to dislodge the PHR from the central cluster. One of the Shaltari voidgates heads for the eastern cluster.

Shaltari player finally manages to line up a shot with the Emerald Mothership on the Ikarus and blows it straight to hell. The remaining PHR Strike Carrier hides in the atmosphere. Bombardment happens, and it is the difference between PHR completely losing the central cluster and still managing to at least contest it. Shaltari successfully contests the eastern cluster; Shaltari are unable to drive the PHR from the central cluster, but they manage to control enough sectors within it that they are considered to Hold it now.

Shaltari wins.


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Re: Shaltari vs PHR (starter box match)

PostWed Mar 01, 2017 8:51 pm

̶A̶j̶a̶x̶Francis... I see what you did there. Very nice. :lol:

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